A Manifest for a New Perspective on Gender



If you’re feeling:

  • You are ready to take full responsibility for your life and do the work it takes to move it forward

  • You want to be part of a group of men who are committed to action


  • You want to find deeper passion and purpose in life

  • You are ready to embark on an adventure, to confront chaos and to grow as a human

  • You want to hold yourself and others accountable to higher standards and work towards them together

...then Maniphesto Core

was made for YOU!


MANiphesto is an open-source, collaborative community of men who want to step up and take responsibility for themselves, their communities and society. 

We run the European Men's Gathering, Maniphesto Core and regular trainings.

We believe that the best way to explore being a man is through doing stuff with other men.

We build on the efforts of those before us and aim to bridge the polarities and embrace the paradoxes around gender. This is based on a firm belief in equality between the sexes while allowing for differences between them.

Our Free Guide

All you need to start and run your own local men's group

Over the last six years, the men of Maniphesto have developed and refined a system for running men's groups which brings about transformational change in the men who come to our events. Now we want to share it with you in our Free Guide.

The guide documents our entire process, from answering the deep questions of our motivation for engaging in this work and how this relates to the development of male and female roles in a historical perspective. It provides all the practical insights and tools we have gained through our work. And it even includes our men's group self-assessment worksheet.

We believe in the value of this system, and we believe in the power of open source collaboration for men's work. That is why we have decided that we want to give this manual to any man who needs it - although we will ask for your email address so we can stay in touch.


Get your copy now.



The mission of Maniphesto is to renew and restore man, one man at a time. 

We provide a peer based community for the men who are inspired by our vision. Our fellowship accepts and appreciates each man for his unique abilities and contributions. The community supports and challenges its members to grow in authenticity, discernment, and character. It also provides individual and group mentorship to support members in formulating and reaching their goals in life.

Through this process, men transform their lives and how they show up in their families, in their work and in their communities. This change of behavior restores their confidence in masculinity, in themselves, and in other men; healing the wounds created by a dysfunctional view of masculinity and manhood. As they grow further, they become living testimonies to the Maniphesto vision.

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Everything else that we do is a result of open source collaboration through the Maniphesto network. The primary channel for all of our communication is a Google Groups email list, Maniphesto

If you think that these issues are important and would like to add your voice, then sign up here. Everyone who wants to contribute is invited to join the discussion, and you can expect 5 - 30 emails per month on average.


If you want to stay informed, but prefer not to be on our mailing list, you can simply subscribe to our newsletter.

On the newsletter list you will only receive an email a few times a year about the most important events and updates.




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