Constellations with Ole Bjerg

Chess image for constellations workshop.

Systemic Constellations on Zoom for Maniphesto with Ole Bjerg

First session: 4th August (see program below)


Systemic constellations is a powerful method to discover new solutions to issues that we are facing in our personal relations. A constellation is a physical representation of a set of relationships in a family, business, community or other social organistion.


​If you find yourself caught in repeating old patterns, which you would like to change but do not know how, this workshop is for you. Constellations work is a catalyst to convert seemingly troublesome family relations into resources for development and growth. 


​The workshops will be conducted as an online group session. Each participant will be working with a set of objects to build constellations. The required objects are:

  • A standard chessboard with pieces.

  • A post-it pad.

  • A marker pen.


No prior experience is necessary.

Each workshop is a standalone event. Sign up for one at a time at the form below.

Participant fee: 300DKK per session

Core Members: 200DKK per session

Maximum number of participants: 12


Sign up using the form below and you will receive a Zoom invitation.

Program 2020:

4th August
Theme - Purpose

11th August
Theme - Masculinity

1st September

Theme - Sons & Daughters


8th September

Theme - Women


20th October

Theme - Country & Roots


27th October

Theme - Health & Illness


24th November

Theme - Life & Death


1st December

Theme - Money & Work

All sessions take place on Zoom at 19.00 - 22.00 CET

If you have questions regarding the content of the event, then contact Ole on You can read more about Ole on his facilitator bio here

For questions related to Maniphesto, signup and technical requirements, contact us on

For a more detailed introduction to constellations work see this interview with Ole's teacher Doris Elisabeth Fischer: 

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