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It's a new year. Time for reflection over the year that has passed. And to be looking ahead at what is coming.

In many ways, 2020 has been one of the most challenging years we have seen.


Pandemic. Social unrest. Increasing Digitalisation, Fragmentation, and Alientation. A Disintegration of Meaning.

And there is good reason to believe the more of the same is coming.

Maniphesto Core is your opportunity to get a solid "Band of Brothers" committed to facing the chaos together with you.

Alone we are screwed, but together, this is our opportunity to become the men we need to become.


For just a few days, we have a special new year's offer for you to join Core - our premium network of online Men's Groups.

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If you sign up for Core before the 4th January, then we will give you your subscription for 42€ - that is a massive 50% discount!

To take advantage of this offer, sign up for your subscription and use the promo code when completing your customer details:


Join Maniphesto Core - at a 50% discount

The standard price for the Maniphesto Core subscription is 85€ pr month. By signing up before the 4th January, you get a 50% discount on your Core membership and pay ony 42€ pr month.

This is not just for your first months' membership, but for the first three months.


And we are so certain that you will get value for money that we are also covering you with our 100% satisfaction garantee, no questions asked.

If you decide to continue your subscription to Core after the first three months, then your subscription will continue at the regular price of 85€ pr month.

To make this deal even better, as a member of Core you can get a 50% discount  if you decide to come to The European Men's Gathering in the first week of August. 

If you want to read more about Maniphesto Core, then take a look at our web site here or see the testimonials below.

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