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Thank you for Signing up for the European Men's Gathering. We can't wait to meet you there for this transformational once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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If you sign up for Core within one week of getting your tickets for the European Men's Gathering, then we will give you your subscription for 42€ for the first three months - that is a massive 50% discount!

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Make sure you sign up within one week of buying your EMG ticket to take advantage of this offer. 

Join Maniphesto Core

The standard price for the Maniphesto Core subscription is 85€ pr month. By signing up within one week of buying a ticket for the European Men's Gathering, you get a 50% discount on your Core membership and pay ony 42€ pr month.

The European Men's Gathering is held in the first week of August and you will pay the discounted rate of 42€ for the first three months. 

If you decide to continue your subscription to Core after the first three months, then your subscription will continue at the regular price of 85€ pr month.


If you want to read more about Maniphesto Core, then take a look at our web site here:

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