Maniphesto Leader and Facilitator Gathering

21 May 2021
Online Conference
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We are living in strange and paradoxical times. We are alone, locked-up in the comfort of our own homes, yet in many ways we are more connected than we have ever been. And we are told that the very air we breathe could kill us. What does it mean to be a man at this historical turning point when the values that have dominated our post-modern condition are bringing us to metaphysical deadlocks and impasses? What are the implications for Men's Work? Who is THE QUARANTINED MAN?

On the 21st of May Maniphesto is inviting you together with a select group of leaders in the Men's Work movement to discuss this topic in depth. Building on the success of our winter leadership conference, where we discussed the topic of Digital Patriarchy, Matthew Rich-Tolsma will once again guide us through a dialectical exploration of the paradoxes which this moment is bringing into view: such as self/other, individual/social, introspection/community, thinking/being, and life/death in the face of a global existential crisis. We will also find time to engage in an embodied group processing of collective experience, and a creative re-imagining of the role of Men's Work in an uncertain and emerging future.

We already have a stellar list of speakers lining up to join us, including Jonathan Pageau (TBC), Alexander Bard, Thomas Hamelryck, Cadell Last, Fr. Michael Butler, JP Marceau and Paul Lloyd Robson, and more are being added to the list. So... watch this space.



Maniphesto is an active and collaborative community focused on and continually investing in the growth and development of our leaders and facilitators. We believe that in order to make a significant impact on the state of manhood and masculinity, we need to band together in an even stronger brotherhood.

The purpose of this event is building a solid foundation and gathering momentum amongst the leaders of the men’s movement after the European Men’s Gathering 2020 and leading into 2021.

Our focus is to build shared understanding and bring alignment to approach of bringing Men's Work to the mainstream. We will also bring in additional talents and areas of expertise to continue expanding our audience.



We invite relevant teachers and facilitators. We will have a thoroughly planned schedule and structure for the say, which will be aimed at activating each participant as an active contributor for this "co-creation" between peers. Our approach will be focused on creating a container for drawing out the collective wisdom of all of the participants and facilitating the discussions which help us to grow.

Our goals

The core outcome of the event is the development of the relationships and culture between us as the foundation of our work - to support each other in our actual experience of becoming better men. The work of creating a meaningful and powerful men's movement, starts with holding each other accountable to delivering our best and the highest standard of service to each other and our community.


Want to join us?

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