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Fredrik Lyhagen

Fredrik spent close to 20 years in the corporate world, primarily in sales management and management consulting working with international IT companies.
He’s done a few radical shifts over the years, stepping away from career paths to pursue what his heart was whispering to him. The first was to interrupt his Master’s degree to study guitar in London for a year and the most recent was to decline a major international promotion to leave corporate and dedicate himself to his passion of helping leaders to deepen their conversations with themselves.
Movement and nutrition has been constant themes throughout his life. In his spare time he loves spending time in his wood workshop and he recently picked up archery again after a 30-year break.
Originally from southern Sweden with an education and a career throughout Northern Europe, he has been settled in Prague with his wife and daughter since 2008. Fredrik works in English and Swedish.

Summary of experience

Coaching experience working with executives and entrepreneurs.
Experienced facilitator of premium leadership transformation programs in partnership with Oxford Leadership
15+ years in corporate working with Cisco, Telefonica, Juniper and IBM
Co-founded, built and sold company in IT Service Management
Extensive international experience living abroad 20+ years
Co-author of book on Purpose
Certified by International Coach Federation, ICF
Certified on the 360 tool The Leadership Circle Profile
Certified on Harthill's Leadership Development Framework

1 hour session: 250 EUR
Package deals: 5 sessions for 1000 EUR, other options by agreement

Five Fast Facts

My current understanding of my purpose is:

I nudge people towards new perspectives to inspire a more inclusive and sustainable world, one conversation at a time.

To me, courage means:

To take action despite my fear.

I am the most fulfilled and happy, when:

I’m in nature, probably hiking deep into the forest, or sailing in the archipelago, in good company having compassionate conversations.

For my own development, I'm currently focused on:

Presencing: Being fully present in the moment allowing what emerges to emerge.

I add the most value to mentee's that:


"I feel much more confident, consistent and satisfied in both my personal (repeatedly confirmed by my spouse) and professional life. All of this also gave me new exciting personal work that I am looking forward to take on and then come back to work with Fredrik again."

- Frantisek, Country Manager

“Fredrik is an energy catalyst. His strong and empathetic presence, his swift mind and his ability to see the big picture help me to quickly touch base with what’s essential to me and move forward with ease, even on the most difficult and personal topics. He also has this great combination of strategic AND practical thinking which make him a powerful mentor to work with.”

- Soussi, Global HR manager

Stand on the edge of the unknown, realizing the old thought patterns and behaviours doesn’t yield the desired results anymore and sensing they need to change how they relate to themselves and their world to find a meaningful path forward.

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