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Free Taster Introduction Webinar: Sunday April 11th 2021

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Full workshop: Sunday April 25th 2021 - July 4th 2021

Full workshopSessions are on : 25-4, 2-5, 16-5, 30-5, 13-6, 27-6, 4-7 (2021)

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''No More Mr Nice Guy''


Men are waking up. More and more men feel the urge to free themselves from their Nice Guy. More and more men also feel the urge to give more meaning to their lives.

These are men who

- want to be more honest 

- want to be more real 

- want to stop their pleasing behaviour

- want to be able to say no

- want to be less dependent on their partner

- want to have a strong backbone

- want to be free from addictions

- want to be stronger in their relationships

- want to be at ease with their emotions

- Want to create more meaning in their lives


To get a taste of this training you are welcome to join the Mankracht facebook taster introduction on April 11th. Click here for more details. 

* Registration for the Facebook taster introduction is FREE for Core members. 

* A Maximum number of participants for this introduction is 12. 

* Remember that this is an INTERACTIVE session, so be prepared to show some of yourself. 

* After registration, you will receive an email with more information and a link that is valid for the Zoom session on Sunday April 11th

The world is in desperate need for men who dare to go beyond the comfort of being nice. Let’s be clear: I am not suggesting that men should become nasty bastards. This is about daring to stand up for both yourself and your masculinity. The support of other like-minded men in this process is essential and serves as a safety net. Many men have missed this supporting their childhood because of (emotionally) absent fathers, but hear this: It is OK to be a man. It is OK to step fully into your masculinity without holding back.

The process of changing this behaviour starts with awareness of your habits and patterns of behaviour. 


Awareness of your (Nice Guy) patterns is exactly what this training offers you. In addition, this training provides you with a safety net of conscious men with a common goal: to grow, transcend negative patterns and to serve the world with an open heart. Mankracht has been offering training and coaching to men for over 5 years.


During this 3 months program (7 online sessions)  you will be invited to take a closer look at your Nice Guy patterns. What serves you, what doesn't serve you and how can you serve the world around you from a healthy authentic place? 

The approach is very practical. There is a strong focus on practising through homework assignments and reflections during the meetings. During this process brotherly support is used in the form of buddy calls. You don't have to do it alone. You do it together.

Every session is dedicated to a different theme. Here is an overview of the themes: 


* The origins of the Nice Guy

* Love, Appreciation and Approval

* Self-care

* Needs

* Anger

* Brotherhood

* Moving forward



This is what it looks like in practice: 


We meet online (approximately) every other week on an evening from 19:30 to 22:00 via Zoom. Zoom is an online conference application. 

During these meetings the themes are introduced, homework is discussed and there is room to reflect. The homework assignments vary from (short) daily practical assignments to (longer) writing assignments. To monitor the progress of the homework and to uphold the commitment, we make active use of buddies. 

The size of the group is deliberately small. In that way, there is always enough room for everyone to show themselves. During the meetings, there is of course always space for asking questions.  

"Optional 1-on-1 Coaching
In addition, there is the option to book two individual 1-on-1 sessions with Hajee (these are personal coaching session at a reduced price). You can use these sessions to reflect on your progress on a more personal level or to go deeper into certain topics."


The sessions are guided by Hajee. Hajee is a men's coach, ACT coach, presentation coach and he has successfully completed the No More Mr Nice Guy coaching process with Dr Robert Glover, which made him a certified No More Mr Nice Guy coach.


Please read this before you sign up: 


- It is important that you are fully committed to this course. 

- Being curious is not enough. 

- Be determined. 

- Make sure you can attend all online meetings.

- Make sure you have a good internet connection

- Make sure you have a good microphone/headphones.

- Make sure you have a place where you will not be disturbed during the sessions.  

- Be prepared to change yourself.

- Be prepared to change your world view.  

- Be prepared to change your relationship with the world.

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2021 Program (all times CET - Central European Time)

11 April

19.00 - 21.15: Free Open Facebook Introduction Taster (more info)

25 April
19.30 - 22.00: Session 1

2 May
 - 22.00: Session 2

16 May
 - 22.00: Session 3

30 May 

19.30 - 22.00: Session 4

13 June

19.30 - 22.00: Session 5

27 June

19.30 - 22.00: Session 6

4 July

19.30 - 22.00: Session 7


€495,- (incl. VAT) for Core members only
€595,- (incl. VAT) normal price
€645,- (incl. VAT) group sessions + 2 hours of individual coaching (Core members only)
€745,- (incl. VAT) group sessions + 2 hours of individual coaching (normal price)

Sign up here:
Apr 25, 7:30 PM GMT+2 – Jul 04, 10:00 PM GMT+2

If you have questions regarding the content of the event, then contact Hajee on You can read more about Hajee on his facilitator bio here, or call him direct on +31643082172

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For a more detailed introduction to the work from Hajee, see the video below or visit his website here.

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