Facilitation Masterclass for Men

- with Matthew Rich-Tolsma

Matthew has more than a decade’s experience working as a coach, consultant, and group facilitator with senior leadership teams, including the boards and executive teams of Public Listed Companies, groundbreaking text start-ups, and family businesses. He is passionate about working with difference and gender in organisations, and is collaborating with Maniphesto to take men’s work mainstream. In this Masterclass we will explore how to cultivate hidden meta-skills that can take your facilitation from good to great, enabling you to better respond to the shifting demands of different contexts, and overcome the limitations that you impose on yourself.


In this one day Masterclass we will explore some of the hidden dimensions of what distinguishes good facilitation from transformational group leadership. Matthew will draw upon his considerable experience working with groups in both corporate and community settings around the world to introduce three facilitation metaskills:-


  • Listening 
    Get past the superficial noise and navel-gazing to narrow in on what matters with laser like focus;

  • Reflexivity
    Turn the lens of awareness back on yourself, grow up, and take responsibility for your shit; and 

  • Framing
    Set clear frames and boundaries in your conversations with participants and clients.


These skills affect every aspect of our work with groups, but they can be difficult to cultivate. This challenge is further exacerbated by the fact that performative expectations of masculinity can limit male facilitators’ access to these skills when they need them most.


This highly embodied masterclass will introduce these skills along with an opportunity for experiential practice with a group of peers. The last part of the Masterclass will be dedicated to creating a space for working with some of the challenges that participants are facing in their practice.



The Masterclass is for men who work as facilitators. This includes men who run men’s groups as well as men who serve as facilitators in other professional contexts.




Matthew Rich-Tolsma is an executive coach, consultant, and educator who works with global leaders, across a wide range of sectors and geographies, to help them develop greater skilfulness in negotiating the uncertainty of everyday organisational life. Matthew believes that there are rarely easy and repeatable solutions to the immensely complex challenges leaders face today, rather he is interested in paying attention to individual contexts and experiences, and participating with others to improvise skilfully and collaboratively in the midst of conflict and paradox. He also believes passionately in the transformative power of care, compassion, and human connection; and has a particular interest in working with difference in terms of conflict and diversity. Many people who work with Matthew describe the experience as surprising, challenging, unsettling, and ultimately deeply transformational.


Wednesday, 9 December 10.00-18.00 CET on Zoom.



Normal Price: 200€

Core Members: 100€


Additional 40% discount for December Leadership Gathering participants:

December Gathering attendees: 120€

Core members attending the December Gathering: 60€

Maniphesto Facilitation Masterclass for Men
Dec 09, 2020, 10:00 AM GMT+1
Zoom Online Training

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