For New Heights?

You know that moment, just before you step out over the edge and into a new adventure?

The feelings that come up as you go over the threshold into unexplored territory? It’s exciting, it's scary, it can feel reckless and stupid. And it takes courage.

Life is meant to be lived fully. If we stay inside the known, we stay safe and warm. Too much safety however and life loses direction and feels empty and meaningless.

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As humans, we believe in constantly striving towards a better life. And yet, so often, we pull back from the unknown.

That is where we need a mentor.

A mentor is your trusted guide who stands behind you as you cross the threshold. He has walked the path before you. He acts as an inspirator and a guide. He has already achieved much of what you want to achieve. Your path will be different from his. But his experience provides wisdom, insight and discernment. 


If that sounds just a bit interesting, read on!

Why Mentoring?

With a mentor, you can take the guesswork out of what you are trying to achieve. He will see the pitfalls and risks which you haven't considered and help you plan the journey. He is your certainty and reality check, who knows the territory and can ensure you keep your bearings when the storm is raging.

If you are right there, about to jump out into a new adventure by yourself or with peers, but feel unable to take that next step, then our mentors are here to help you. 

Perhaps you have seen others get burned or fail in unexpected ways. Perhaps you have blocked yourself into a seemingly impassable situation and the complexity of the situation seems overwhelming. Whatever the reason, we are dedicated to ensuring your success. We want to make your dreams our dreams, to make your mission our mission. 

Are your dreams worth investing in? Are you worth investing in? Do you actually want to reach out and make your mission happen? Or do you prefer to just keep them as fantasties that you can entertain yourself with while life happens around you? 
We are here to support you in realising the positive change you want to bring to the world. Our mentoring team has a wealth of experience in a diverse range of sectors, roles and initiatives. Our approach is intensely personal and will depend on the chemistry of the relationship. 

Take a browse through, and get to know them - and see if there is a mentor you want to get to know more.

Our Mentors


Hajee Pepping

Hajee is passionate about creating a safe container for his coaching and training programs which are direct, challenging and lovingly raw. He relies on his sensitive bullshit detectors to get straight to the core of things. With his down to earth approach and his strong sense of humour he supports you to the best and most authentic version of yourself.

Bart Folse

Bart is an experienced leader in organizations ranging from 5 to 25,000 employees, but his real passion is working with entrepreneurs and executives to crystalize their visions for their businesses. He offers hard truths that force you to push your boundaries personally and professionally.

Fredrik Lyhagen

Fredrik is passionate about creating break-through moments to nudge people closer to living their meaningful ideal. He invites to new perspectives and his clients highly value his combination of his strategic approach with grounded presence.

Thomas Buch

Thomas aims to guide men to take a lead. In their own personal life and the relations and connections that matter to them. His style is both direct and empathic. He only works with men who are committed to put in the effort to make the changes they dream for. Thomas addresses heart as well as mind in his mentoring approach and serves to assist men to meet challenges with strength and authenticity.

Matthew Rich-Tolsma

Matthew is an experienced teacher, coach, and advisor to a wide range of international leaders. He has worked across Africa, Asia, and Europe. He is interested in taking (aspiring) leaders’ day-to-day experience seriously to support ongoing transformation in the face of uncertainty and complexity. He does not offer easy answers.

Paul Lloyd Robson

Paul is uncompromising in driving towards greater integrity, inspiration and vision. He draws on 10 years leadership experience in the corporate world and 20 years in volunteer and grassroots organisations to connect your heart’s purpose with a concrete vision and plan of action.

Who is mentoring for?

  • It’s for men who feel like they’ve been treading water for too long, growing more and more frustrated, as they lose hope, maybe even becoming cynical.

  • It's for men who are tired of sacrificing large parts of who they are in their pursuit to live up to the perceived expectations of family and society.

  • It's for men who know they have it in themselves to be so much more but are struggling to navigate what it means to be a man in the modern world.

  • It's for men who are doing well in some areas of life but feel deeply unsatisfied in other areas where they're playing small, playing safe and hiding from their true potential. 

  • It’s for men that just can’t get their personal relationship to work the way they desire.

When you realise you're only living half of your potential and therefore only half of your life, the unfulfilled half of your potential will torment you. Carrying the burden of unfulfilled potential reduces you to a shadow of the man you deep inside know that you deserve to be.


What can you expect from working with a mentor?

Firstly, working with a mentor is an investment of time and energy. Being a mentee is not a passive role sitting back expecting your mentor to give you all the missing pieces to your life puzzle. You need to come to your sessions with an intention. Our role is to create a space where we are  fully present, safe  to reflect honestly and critically, and to drop all charades and be real.

A safe space to be honest and share what is really going on

We don’t know about you throughout life but we’ve found it hard to find powerful and inspiring men whom we can trust and be honest and vulnerable. Your mentor will hold the space for you, in complete confidence, investigate what’s really going on, help make the subjective objective, and nudge you towards a more confident and empowering place. 

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Gain new Perspectives

Sometimes it feels like we’re the only one struggling and we forgot to recognize that others have experienced tough times as well. Sharing your struggle with your mentor will allow him to share his perspective based on his own experience and from working with other men. 
Whether it’s a business challenge, a relationship challenge or about how you take care of yourself, knowing that others have been through similar challenges as you and gaining new perspectives can help you find the confidence and resolve to work it through.

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Find new solutions

Sometimes when we’re stuck, it’s not working harder that moves us forward. We need to address the challenge with new thinking. Your mentor may have private and professional experiences solving similar challenges and can point you towards solutions you didn’t know was available or possible. 

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Find the right people

Sometimes you just need an introduction to the right person to move forward. Maybe you know who is but don’t have access, other times you may not even know the right person for the task exists. Your mentor’s network may hold the key to opening the door to the next opportunity.

How we select our mentors

At Maniphesto, we believe in mentorship. Each of us has reached where he is today thanks to the support, encouragement and inspiration of mentors and guides who have helped us on our way. We are never done growing, and each of us receive and give mentoring.

As a movement, Maniphesto values courage, vision and the transcending of traditional polarities. The mentors on this page are the men who are leading the way in a diverse range of fields, but recognise in each other a shared maturity of experience. They have substantial experience mentoring and coaching, both as recipients and in passing their experience onwards.

We are a group of mentors who haven't figured out all the answers yet, but are committed to mutual growth and holding each other accountable - in honesty and integrity. If you want to discover if we can work together, then look through the profiles below and click to read more.

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The mentoring process

Before starting a mentoring process, you may want to join Maniphesto Core, our group mentoring program, and completing the Quick Start process there. This is not necessary but will save you 1 - 2 sessions with your mentor.

In order to discover if there is a good fit for you as a potential mentee, we offer you a free 20 min chemistry call. If you decide to proceed, then the booking will be made directly through the mentor's page above.

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