As Maniphesto moves online, we want to make sure that we are utilising the skills and wisdom in our network - especially from our amazing facilitators, who can mentor others. 


As mentors, it is just as important that we continue to do the work ourselves. We lead by example, so every man on the Core is committed, engaged and doing the work.

Therefore we have set up a system whereby facilitators are full paying and committed members of the network, are able to engage and actively contribute, and can get paid for the input and value they are providing.

Here is how it will work:

Facilitator process v2.png

Using this system, as a part of the mentoring team, it is possible to not only earn your membership fee back, but to earn more from mentoring other participants. You specify how many personal mentees you are willing to take on.

You get paid for the free intro sessions which participants book with you. And as an approved Maniphesto mentor, registered participants can also book personal paid sessions with you through the system - at a price which you set. If you are one of our "elders" or top mentors, you will be asked to and paid for running one of the core mentorship groups.

The Core will also include a leadership team - which will be the members of the Core who are actively engaged in supporting and developing the Core community. This will be the Core Group Leaders, Channel Moderators and Administrators of the College - who will be paid for their work. Signing up as a mentor does NOT mean that you will automatically join the leadership team, but we do expect to recruit leaders from the mentor team.

So if you have the right background, and want to join the Maniphesto mentoring team, then click the link below to sign up. 

Please note that this offer is not for people who want to grow into a mentorship role, but rather for people who already have the experience and ability to be mentoring other men. If you have never had anyone ask you to mentor them before, then chances are that you are still growing to become a mentor. Then you should sign up as a participant - read more on our participant signup page here.

Signing up as a mentor also means that you do not receive a personal mentoring session with one of our mentors as a part of your membership - as is the case for normal participants.