Bart Folse

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Summary of experience

· Highly experienced and award-winning leadership coach and consultant
· Experience as a leader at start-up and scale-up phase in an innovative global consulting business
· Experience supporting leaders from multiple sectors, cultures, and walks of life
· Internationally recognised and published authority in the fields of transformative learning and human development
· Certified trainer with the International Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC)
· Trained and certified in a wide range of consulting tools - including a number of behavioural, developmental, and 360 instruments
· Expert in organisational complexity

1 hour session: 250 EUR (500 EUR per month)
Package deals:
3 months = 1380 EUR (460 EUR p.m)
6 months = 2400 EUR (400 EUR p.m)
12 months = 4200 EUR (350 EUR p.m)

Five Fast Facts

My current understanding of my purpose is:

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To me, courage means:

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I am the most fulfilled and happy, when:

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For my own development, I'm currently focused on:

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I add the most value to mentee's that:

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