Hajee Pepping

Hajee Pepping

Hajee studied Electronics and spent 15 years working as a digital design engineer. Despite working with state of the art technology, the excellent working conditions and the comfort of a fixed contract he chose to follow his heart and decided in 2017 to focus full time on his own coaching and training company Mankracht, which he founded in 2015. His desire to work with men was initiated by joining a men's group himself in 2013. There he found the support and the challenge that helped him sharpen his vision and goals and connect to a deeper sense of himself. He further developed his coaching skills by getting certified as a No More Mr Nice Guy coach, an ACT- therapist and as a presentation coach. Hajee considers having a healthy relation with anger and being at ease with your sexuality to be key elements in being a “good man”.
Hajee is in a long term (20+ years) relationship and father of a son. In his free time he produces music, experiments with video editing and stays in shape through kickboxing.


Do you feel frustrated about life? Maybe your job or your wife? Do you have a hard time finding the motivation to carry on?
Well, I’ve been there and Hajee is definitely the person you should grab hold of!
Through cleverly developed exercises and emotionally intelligent coaching you get the insights and he will empower you and make you realize that you’re in the driver's seat of your life.
He will facilitate you to take action in your life and coach you to find your purpose with your life. Imagine having that feeling of knowing exactly why you’re here, how you’re going to live your life and what you want to achieve!
I am forever grateful to Hajee and want to go even deeper in finding my core and grow as a person, so I can support others doing the same!
Thank you, Hajee.

Brian Thordal (Project Management & Leadership Professional)

Hajee is a man with a great sense of humour. He shows strength by also showing vulnerability.
Hajee as a coach will give you his opinions and advice in a direct and straightforward way with a lot of respect. He will see through your “bullshit” and direct his attention to empower you rather than entangle you in words that won’t help in the long run.Hajee as a group leader creates a good structure/protocol and solid foundation in which others can grow as men and be empowered.

Tony Kasslin (Political Science Student)

I have found Hajee to be honest and open. While he is direct with his comments and advice, he is always very encouraging and supportive. He holds himself accountable and delivers on his commitments and expects nothing less from others. He supports men “celebrating” their achievements without gloating but giving credit where credit is due – even to oneself.
Hajee is not pushy and overbearing but he is one of those “born leaders” who just naturally generates a feeling of respect in a very short space of time.
I would confidently recommend Hajee as a friend, a coach, a mentor, a leader and a trainer!

Tony Robson (Programmer)

Summary of experience

Founder and owner of Mankracht (Coaching and workshops for men)
Experienced group facilitator through Mankracht and Maniphesto
Extensive coaching experience both in real life and online
Certified No More Mr Nice Guy coach
Certified Acceptance and Commitment therapist (ACT)
Presentation-coach and trainer
15 years engineering experience as a Digital Design Engineer in high-tech scientific environments
Experienced Tantric practitioner
Novice kickboxer

1 hour session: 200 EUR
Package deals: by agreement

Five Fast Facts

My current understanding of my purpose is:

To inspire and support people to live more freely and be more authentic, allowing them to live out their full potential. Ultimately I want to contribute to the greater good by allowing more light in my own life and into the life of others.

To me, courage means:

Courage is embracing the discomfort that inevitably comes with personal growth. Speaking up when you need to, setting your boundaries when you are challenged and most importantly: asking for help when you get stuck.

I am the most fulfilled and happy, when:

I feel happy when the work I do allows others to grow and to shine more, especially when this transmission happens effortlessly. I find true bliss in experiencing authenticity in myself and others.

For my own development, I'm currently focused on:

I am expanding my own coaching and training business to create more impact with the work I do. Therefore I focus on “training the trainers”, collaboration with other people and platforms and I contribute to a mens-only leadership training program. I want to take care of my physical body and have committed myself to a training program at a local kickboxing-school.

I add the most value to mentee's that:

Keep finding themselves compromising in either work, relations, sex or a combination and who are sick of that. A longing to accelerate in being an honest and good man who is willing to put in all the effort it requires to look back at his life without any regrets once his time has come.

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