Matthew Rich-Tolsma

Matthew Rich-Tolsma

Matthew is an internationally recognized and award-winning coach and organizational leadership consultant, with experience overseeing complex change initiatives and coaching leaders up to board-level. He is interested in taking people’s experience seriously and helping them to do the hard work of making sense of what is going on in the messy worlds they inhabit. He is suspicious of theories, tools, or techniques that offer quick universal solutions. Clients find working with him discombobulating, fascinating, vulnerable, and often deeply rewarding. He is married and divides his time between homes in the Netherlands, South Africa, and the Czech Republic. His hobbies include art collection, food and wine, trekking and being in nature, and strength sports.


"I really enjoyed working with Matt; he has a quiet authority that comes from deep knowledge. It is easy to underestimate the skill that goes into enabling real co-production. We had a few instances where our co-production processes were challenged by participants and this is where Matt's skill and insight really became valuable. Without it, we would not have had the outcomes we were hoping for. Oh, and he's a really nice guy too!"

- Barend, Academic Dean

"Matthew worked with our business on what was badged as exec coaching, but with hindsight this feels like a disservice to what was actually delivered. He has an amazing ability to tell you like it is with the emotional intelligence to deliver it in a meaningful and actionable way. One of the brightest people I've had the pleasure of meeting and thoroughly enjoyed all of our interactions".

- Adam, Chief Information Officer

"Put simply, I owe much of my career success to Matthew. I have been lucky enough to benefit from his coaching and guidance in a number of different roles. Matthew is wildly intelligent which makes him great company in all walks of life. But when working he has a unique ability to put you in the most awkward of situations, and emerge more enlightened and appreciative of his approach. Matthew creates a bespoke approach to challenges based on the people in your business, and nothing is ever just taken from an exercise book, principles and approaches are carefully crafted for the desired outcome. Highly recommended for anybody who wishes themselves or their colleagues to be better leaders, or just better humans".

- Mark, Managing Director

"Matthew brings something quite unique to the domain of organisational and personal development, with an exceptional breadth of research, reflection and practical experience. I have seen his cross-disciplinary approach bringing powerful and original perspectives - Matthew's is an important voice for our generation in the complex subject domains of our own personal learning and growth, as well as that of organisations and society".

- John, International consultant

Summary of experience

Highly experienced and award-winning leadership coach and consultant
· Experience starting and as a leader at start-up and scale-up phasescaling business in an innovative global consulting business
· Experience supporting leaders from multiple sectors, cultures, and walks of life
· Internationally recognised and published authority in the fields of transformative learning and human development
· Certified trainer with the International Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC)
· Trained and certified in a wide range of consulting tools - including a number of behavioural, developmental, and 360 instruments
· Expert in organisational complexity

1 hour session: 250 EUR (500 EUR per month)

Package deals:
3 months = 1380 EUR (460 EUR p.m)
6 months = 2400 EUR (400 EUR p.m)
12 months = 4200 EUR (350 EUR p.m)

Five Fast Facts

My current understanding of my purpose is:

To bring all of who I am to living a life of SERVICE, LOVE, and radical TRUTH, as part of a local and global community.

To me, courage means:

Being willing to put my need to be liked to one side. To choose to trust my judgement about the ‘right’ thing to do. To be willing to run the risk of being wrong, and freely admit when I am.

I am the most fulfilled and happy, when:

When I am able to rest in a sense of deep clarity and purpose, when I am able to quieten all of my frantic striving and listen to the world around me.

For my own development, I'm currently focused on:

Physical - Ongoing strength training, building embodied skills through developing our 17th century property in Southern Bohemia, improvisational theatre.
Vital/Shadow - Ongoing psychoanalysis, Nonviolent Communication Practice, Men’s Work, poetry reading and writing.
Spirit - Ongoing practice in the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
Mental - Ongoing writing and research (presently completing my PhD in Organizational Studies).

I add the most value to mentee's that:

Have already done some work on themselves and are already to take things to the next level. I am interested in working with people who are willing to take a long hard look at themselves, even when they don’t like what they see. I am interested in working with people who are grown up enough to realise perfection is a silly aim and rather are pragmatically and seriously committed to becoming progressively less stupid.

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