Paul Lloyd Robson

Paul Lloyd Robson

Paul is a co-founder of Maniphesto, born and raised in South Africa and has been living in Scandinavia for 17 years.
He is educated as a Political Scientist and spent nine years working at Microsoft, where he led a global network of Sustainability Leads. He is a trained psychotherapist who believes that making stuff happen in the world together with other people is the best type of therapy one can do.

He has taught scuba diving, rock climbing, partner acrobatics, dance and bodywork and believes in the power of combining ideas with somatic experience.
Paul is particularly focused on supporting men in developing their ability to take personal responsibility instead of projecting their pain and fear onto the world around them. He works to help men find a third way between the macho man and a weakling with no direction or boundaries.

His mission is to help men to become a better version of themselves through communities which build courage, integrity, vulnerability and honesty amongst their members.


"Paul is definitely a soul on fire, yet what mostly strikes me about him is his humility and kindness. An inspiring and passionate leader, he has an obvious love for working with others, a love he combines with the wisdom to encourage them and give them the space and the trust they need to flourish. I’ve personally come to value the integrity behind his at times almost brutal directness and honesty, and I’ve never doubted the deep compassion in the truth he speaks. Paul is a great inspiration for many men, and most certainly for me".

- Morten, Anthropologist

"Paul is a constant source of inspiration for me and I see him being a source of inspiration for many other men. He is passionate about bringing out the best in other people. I admire his honesty to tell the truth to other people but also his universal respect for everyone he meets".

- Ole, Professor

"Paul has a full range of masculine traits that many men seek. He speaks from the heart with authority. Paul is an encourager, he sees the utmost potential in people and pushes them forward to understand and claim their lives back. Paul also has a compassion and flexibility which balances his warrior spirit. Highly recommended".

- Juan, Engineer

Summary of experience

Coaching experience with a wide range of clients.
Experienced facilitator of personal leadership and transformational programs through Maniphesto.
Nine years in corporate working with Microsoft.
Founded first company at age 15 and an “entrepreneur for life”.
20 years leadership experience with volunteers and grassroots organisations.
Extensive international experience and network.
Cand.scient.pol from Copenhagen University.
Certified Therapist by Human Education Group.
Certified Sports Trainer by Sports Confederation of Denmark.

1 hour session: 200 EUR
Half price for Maniphesto Core members (

Five Fast Facts

My current understanding of my purpose is:

To support men in their journey from “good” to “Great”!

To me, courage means:

To dare to fully embody and express myself, physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, my deepest purpose and my fundamental convictions irrespective of where I am and who I am with.

I am the most fulfilled and happy, when:

I can see how others are able to use my input in order to experience greater personal freedom, depth of meaning and authenticity and a sense of purpose in their life.

For my own development, I'm currently focused on:

I am co-creating a leadership training program with some of the men who I appreciate and respect most in the world, where we challenge each other to constantly reach deeper into ourselves. I have daily personal practice of prayerful meditation and am studying Theology with the Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies at Cambridge.

I add the most value to mentee's that:

Want more from life, are looking for vision, purpose and direction and want to get a more holistic integration of their life across career, relationships and what really inspires them.

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