Qigong with Eli Buren

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Once off - Free and exclusive for Maniphesto

Martial/Qigong Session on Zoom with Eli Buren - 20:00 CET on May 1st:


Enter this Qigong practice that awakens and refines your subtle senses while strengthening your structure and core. Cultivate courage, presence, and depth of being, as you meet these uncertain times with all that you have. The medicine of this practice boosts the immune system and gently nourishes your nervous system through dignified and conscious movements accessible to all levels of practice. Each form engages and tonifies specific psychospiritual archetypes which serve to bring the body into a greater alignment with facets of individual destiny and potential. 

Watch the video to see more about Eli and his work:

This will be a once-off online Zoom Qigong session with Eli Buren on the 1st May 8pm Central European time - no commitment. Sign up below with your first name and email, and the Zoom registration link will appear below. Completely free.

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