"This Rites of Passage training provided me with a balanced understanding of the many elements involved in assisting people through Rites of Passage. Arne has an incredible way of bringing this ancient ritual into modern society, making it accessible and relevant to everyone. After completing this course and experiencing Rites of Passage for myself I feel ready to step into my community as a leader and a facilitator."

What is a Rite of Passage? 

For thousands of years, Indigenous and traditional communities recognised the importance of supporting individuals to transition safely from one stage of life to another through Rites of Passage.


Marking these transitions were seen as fundamental in the growth, connectedness and health of an individual and community. In modern society, the need for programs that help equip people with the confidence and tools to tackle the adventure and challenges that lie ahead are more critical than ever.

Dr Arne Rubinstein 

CEO & Founder 

The Rites of Passage Institute 

Dr. Arne Rubinstein is an expert on Rites of Passage and adolescent development. He has been running programs for teenagers and delivering cutting edge leadership training in Australia and internationally for over 20 years.

Author of the best-seller The Making of Men, Dr. Arne has become a leading figure in Australia for advice on how support boys to successfully make a safe, healthy transition to young men.


In 2008, he was nominated for Australian of the Year for his groundbreaking work with youth, providing much-needed answers and tools to help a generation of young men and women be happy and motivated about life.                                                                    

His spectacular bush property in Byron Bay, Australia, has been transformed into a workshop and leadership training facility where people come from around the world to participate in programs and camps.


Dr Arne is the proud father of two wonderful young men and a mentor to many others.

Level 1 Leadership Training: The Rite of Passage Framework


Level 1 Leadership Training is an experiential intensive aimed at training participants in the key elements of a Rites of Passage program. The training will give participants the experience and understanding of how to use Rites of Passage elements to become a better mentor, coach, leader or parent to anyone going through transitional stages in their lives.

This interactive and cutting edge 3-day residential will give you:

  • A deeper understanding of the elements of a Rite of Passage and how to utilise them

  • Skills to support people during their transitional years

  • Powerful ideas that can create positive behavioural changes in homes, workplaces and social settings

  • Entry level group facilitation knowledge

  • Understanding how to beneficially apply Rite Of Passage methods in your environment

  • A clear easy to follow ongoing support pathway.


As a participant you will also have the opportunity to stay and assist with the Making of Men: Father and son camp. For more in depth information on rites of passage, check out this discussion on Rites of Passage in Europe between Zdenek Weber, Jørgen Husbond and Arne Rubenstein.

Register here to join Dr. Arne Rubinstein and learn

how to apply the Rite of Passage Framework.