Work with Men in Leadership with Confidence, Courage and Conviction

Maniphesto has been creating transformational training programs for men since 2015. 

We are the organizers of the European Men’s Gathering. Thousands of Men have experienced our in-person and online transformational work. Now we are offering you the tools to do the same as us, for free!

That is why we created this Guide for Working with Men.


 Over the last six years, the men of Maniphesto have developed and refined a system for running men's leadership programs which brings about transformational change in the participants. It contains everything you need to start the work of leadership with men. 

Now we want to share it with you, for free.

Why would we share our best tools with you for free?


That is because we believe in the power of community and collaboration and have thus committed to an open-source model to achieve our mission. That means that we are inviting YOU to take hold of all the best tools we have figured out, and join us to apply your unique gifts and understanding.

If you’d like to:

  • Be the catalyst for transformational change, and want the best tools for the job

  • Dig deeper into your own foundation for working with men and leadership

  • Learn how to conduct a self-assessment that you can use to learn from and continually improve

Then let this free guide be the spark that guides you in connecting with others and supporting you as you plant those seeds of personal transformation.